Chanel serial numbers by year

Serial numbers and authenticity cards

As far as second-hand Chanel bags are concerned authenticity cards and serial number stickers do not constitute proof of authenticity. In deed they are quite easily forged. However they may help determine which year a bag has been manufactured. A missing serial sticker equally doesn’t mean the bag is a fake as many vintage bags have worn or missing serial stickers.

In 1984 Chanel started stamping a unique number for each item on an authenticity card and printed the same number on a serial sticker inside the item. Serial stickers identify the bag’s model and year. Note that bags made before 1984 do not have stickers

Chanel changes the location of the internal sticker depending on the models of bags and accessories and some can even be a little awkward to find.

it is common to find authentic second hand bags with worn or even missing serial stickers. It is simply a sticker and sooner or later with use it slowly starts to deteriorate.

As a simple guide, 6 digit codes indicate a bag made between 1984 and 1986, 7 digit codes a bag made sometime between 1986 and 2004 and 8 digit codes a bag made from 2005 onwards.

8-digit number:

19******Chanel series: 2014-2015

18****** Chanel series: 2013-2014

17****** Chanel series: 2012-2013

16****** Chanel series: 2012

15****** Chanel series: 2011

14****** Chanel series: 2010-2011

13****** Chanel series: 2009-2010

12****** Chanel series: 2008-2009

11****** Chanel series: 2006-2008

10****** Chanel series: 2005-2006

7-digit number:

9****** Chanel series: 2004-2005

8****** Chanel series: 2003-2004

7****** Chanel series: 2002-2003

6****** Chanel series: 2000-2002

5****** Chanel series: 1997-1999

4****** Chanel series: 1996-1997

3****** Chanel series: 1994-1996

2****** Chanel series: 1991-1994

1****** Chanel series: 1989-1991

0****** Chanel series: 1986-1988

6-digit number:

(1XXXXX – 42XXXX) Chanel series: 1984-1986

Authenticity cards were also introduced at the same time as the serial sticker. The serial number on the card should match the serial number inside the bag. It is worth noting that forging authenticity cards is relatively easy and that Chanel have never produced cards with a hologram effect. Authentic cards are thick, coated with plastic and feel a bit like a credit card.